TGP International design service brings together a unique combination of client focused design direction, coupled with operational expertise.

Jonathan Mangham and Simon Wright first met back in 2007 when they started to collaborate on many different projects in London – this working relationship led to them forming TGP Design, a key part of the TGP International business.

The ethos behind TGP Design has been to offer an alternative to the big, expensive agencies and to provide a service that is experienced and knowledgeable enough to deal with all design styles and sizes of project, but small enough, and without the usual designer egos, so we remain completely focused on delivering what the client wants.

One of the other key elements that we have tried to focus on is making sure that we don’t have a ‘house style’, we’re proud of the fact that we still work on some of the coolest, hipster joints in London while at the same time developing the interior designs for stylish, upscale restaurants and hotels in the Middle East – we love working on all these different projects and want to continue to develop this eclectic portfolio.

On top of the seasoned, experienced team of designers, our other key strength is the synergy between our advisory and concept development teams at TGP International and the TGP Design team. This relationship means that our designs are based on on-going market study and trend analysis and will always have had operational input before being issued to the client – this process is faster and more efficient than designing purely from an interior design point of view. We are also able to offer a complete F&B concept and design development service if required.

Our mission is to bring to life our clients’ vision with the development of aesthetically beautiful spaces, with great customer journeys that work operationally and commercially.